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Kalmatron® products are designed for repairing damaged structures as remedial coats with patching materials.


"K to the power of one hundred"

Admixture К100® is used with any cement containing mixes. It is based on the combined properties of KALMATRON® KF-A & KF-SEA with the difference that К100® is a liquid with faster properties performance.

All test results and reference for KALMATRON® KF-A and KF-SEA are legitimate for К100®.


К100® is a concrete class upgrading admixture applicable where concrete, grout, or plaster need to be without shrinkage cracks, efflorescence, and post-hardening deformations, water/vapor proof, and stable to ecological and industrial corrosions (рН < 3; salt up to 20%; temperature up to +400°С and - 50°С).


ADMIXTURE К100® provides decay-hydration of cement grains from SS = 2300 сm2/gram to cementitious paste with с SS = 8000 сm2/gram by standard mixing with water. Without additional kilning and milling it upgrades conventional cement to the class of micro-cements. Such cement rock becomes an insoluble and impermeable membrane which encapsulates impurities of cement powder and keeps them out of contact with aggressive mediums. It breaks the "the food chain" for any corrosion.


Admixture К100® provides concrete production and application without:

  • Superplasticizers;
  • Water reducers;
  • Strength gainers ;
  • Densifyers;
  • Anti Freezers;
  • Fibers & Dry shakes;
  • Heat shields;
  • Anti Cohesive membranes;
  • Water/Vapor resistant membranes;
  • Concrete curing & its accessories.
  • Twice less anti-deformational cuts.


  • Manageable terms of early strengthening up to 70% on 3d day.
  • Workability with slump at 75 mm as it performs with slump at 130 mm.
  • No measurable volumetric deformations without shrinkage cracks.
  • Impermeability to liquids for:
    • 50 mm of conventional concrete;
    • 15 mm stucco and plaster;
    • 5 times lower chlorides penetration.
  • Resistant to chemical corrosions with stability even to pure vinegar.


  • Reduction of cement by 15% to 20% plus elimination of other admixtures.
  • Concrete floors and roads are more economical by 36% on 1 m2 at 4th day.
  • Foundations, liquid supply canals, sea-port docks, & pools economical by 44% on 1 m2
  • at 14th day.
  • Wall panels & blocks, roofs, poles, pillars & decks economical by 30% on 7th day.
  • Inter-repair terms for sewage, chemical, and agricultural structures are longer by 2 1/2 to 3 times.

Admixture К100® is dosed by 0.41 GL/CY (2 Liters/m3) to the concrete/mortar mixes for any field of application. Product is delivered in plastic containers by 4 Gallons (15 Liters) or in IBC of 275 Gallons (1000 Liters).