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Kalmatron® products are designed for repairing damaged structures as remedial coats with patching materials.



KALMATRON® KF-ABY is a cementitious powder designed for attenuation of α, β and γ radiation. KF-ABY dry density is 2,500 Kg/m3, wet density is 3,500 Kg/m3. KF-ABY deactivates contamination, restores building structures, attenuates radiation and suppresses sources of radiation and other radioactive contamination. KF-ABY can be applied as a coating, as an admixture to the concrete mix, or it can be strewn onto or into the source of radiation.



  • After mixing 4 parts KF-ABY with 1 part water by volume it is applicable by plaster technology. Safe for cement/concrete jobs.
  • Easily pumpable with standard shotcrete equipment for application on walls, floors, ceilings, beams and columns.


  • Applicable as an admixture to the concrete mix with established dosage per cubic unit of application.


  • KF-ABY powder can be strewn directly in/onto sources of radiation located in unapproachable environments.
  • Mix KF-ABY powder with relic or industrial radioactive dust, sand, ash, etc. to suppress radiation.


  • KF-ABY gradually provides resistance to any source of radiation in any phase or stage.
  • KF-ABY can be used for manufacturing containers and wall blocks.v
  • Applicable in dry, damp and wet environments.
  • Liquid Impermeability KF-ABY layer is provided upon request.
  • The safety and sanitary requirements for handling, storage and application are the same as for any cementitious materials.
  • KF-ABY does not require special uniforms, equipment or skills for handling, storage and application.
  • KF-ABY is more workable and is the cheapest technology for restoring building structure resistance to radiation penetration and deterioration of materials.
  • Variable improvement of durability.


  • With the same mass of application as concrete, KF-ABY resistance to radiation is:
    • higher than concrete by 40%;
    • 1.5 times higher than polymer-oxide compounds;
    • 1.35 times lower than solid lead;
  • Comparative pricing of KF-ABY estimated with equipment and labor for the same level of radiation attenuation is:
    • 36% less expensive than concrete used for the same application.
    • lead is 280% more expensive for the same application.
    • polymer based compositions are twice as expensive for the same application.