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Kalmatron® products are designed for repairing damaged structures as remedial coats with patching materials.


200 Miles through the Mojave Desert

The Aqueduct Water Supply System was built in the early 1900's and suffered from water leaks and penetration of natural crude oil from overlying geological deposits through the concrete of walls and ceilings.

The companies "Kalmatron® Corporation", and "Shotcrete Technologies Inc." provide unique shotcrete technologies and materials for restoration of concrete liquid impermeability, superficial density and compressive strength.

The application was provided by the staff of the "Department of Water & Power City of Los Angeles." The necessity to repair both external and internal sides of the aqueduct created two different shotcrete mix designs and technologies of application.

The simplicity and efficiency of the equipment and the admixture to the shotcrete mix KALMATRON® KF-A allowed to stop leakages of water and oil without preliminary crack patching jobs, plugging of leaking holes, placing drainage pipes, et. With limited time per shift, it greatly economized labor expenses and construction time.

Highest performance of successfully combined inventions classifies it as the SHIELDCRETE Remedial Layer.


The mix design is simple - a rationed blend of sand, cement, KALMATRON® KF-A and water. Slump of the batch at 3 1/2" allowed to avoid sliding of fresh shotcrete from the soaked vertical surfaces and for stopping persistent leaks with highest performance of application.


Most external damage to aqueducts occurs as the structure's concrete ages and gradually deteriorates under cycling temperatures. In accordance with the project, the external concrete of an aqueduct is renovated through reinforcement with structured rebar and massive application of SHIELDCRETE.

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